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Why we dig him?
There's no mistaking Jan Mateboer’s Dutch roots, blessed with a sharp eye for detail, crafting hook-filled story songs that recall country.
As a songwriter Jan delivers lyrics and radio-ready tunes like Rainbow Sue and stays true to his Dutch heritage while flirting with the best of what Nashville has to offer.

Listen to Rainbow Sue 
performed by Lesly Craigh.

copyright©2010JanMateboer.  Under exclusive license to Sundownsongs Records.  distributed by SDS All rights reserved, etc.


We realize that we’re talking about country music here, which has a long tradition of heartbreak, misery and sad times.
There have been plenty of superlative songs about love and treason., but this one written by Jan Mateboer and performed by Gerard Buisman “The Dutch Troubadour” is kinda different.

Listen to Bad News
performed by The Dutch Troubadour.

copyright©2008JanMateboer.  Under exclusive license to Sundownsongs Records.  distributed by SDS All rights reserved, etc.


Sam Doores is a New Orleans based folk singer who grew up singing gospel at church, was converted to folk after seeing Ramblin' Jack Elliott, and then took the course of many young artists by exploring the music of Dylan, Guthrie, et al. Seeing that he is presently in New Orleans it's no surprise that a bit of jazz and afro beat have crept into his music.
Sam is a barrel-fire crooner from the side of a lonesome railroad track. He's a dustbowl orphan living in a scrap tin shanty He's a bohemian romancer singing from a tenement fire escape. He's lost in the future

-Jonathan Byrd-

Listen to Sam Doores
Listen to
"Wrong Time To Be Right"
Sam Doores and the Tumbleweeds by SundownSongs.com
Sam Doores
and the



Ryan Bingman
Ryan Bingham

listen to
South Side of Heaven
Ryan Bingham South side of heaven



Listen to "Hard To Be A Girl"

Kelcy Lee a 16 year old teenager started showing interest with singing at age 3, where she would put on costumes and perform little shows for family. Born in Southern California, Kelcy Lee and her family relocated to Southern Nevada. At age 7 she sang a solo. Kelcy Lee at that point told her parents, “This is what I want to do, perform and sing”.
Listen here to “Hard To Be A Girl”



Welcome back again Martha Ann Brooks
When she writes (and Oh yes she can), Martha Ann likes to draw upon her
own personal experiences as well as those which others have
related to her through their stories.

Listen to this great song Lately

 Old Crow Medicine Show

Kevin Hayes – Guitjo and Vocals  Ketch Secor – Fiddle, Harmonica, Banjo and Vocals Morgan Jahnig – Upright Bass Willie Watson – Guitar, Banjo and Vocals Gill Landry – Slide Guitar, Banjo and Vocals  (left to right)
Listen and watch "Down Home Girl"

Hear The Lyric Man Sing

Hi folks, Ray Cox is the name, please to meet y'all... well I was drinking & thinking one night about a marriage that went wrong. it was around 3am. & the words just started to come into my head, after a while I started to put them down on paper. Drinking and thinking ain’t nothing to brag about and I sure ain’t bragging about the pain, but the words was there so I put them down!

ray j. the (lyricman). Click here and listen to My Best Hurting

Merle Ronald Haggard(The Hag)

Emerging from prison in the 1960’s, Haggard was one of the earliest innovators of the Bakersfield sound. With his hard biting electric guitar, he almost single-handedly introduced country to the electric sound. His work in familiar country themes-jail, betrayal, drinking and wandering- include a directness that reflects his own life expirience.

Listen to “THAT’STHENEWS” and view the video

We like you bein’ on SunDownSongs Billy Don

Billy Don Burns was born in the community of 56 in Stone County, Arkansas. Family friend, songwriter Jimmie Driftwood ("Battle of New Orleans," "Tennessee Stud") was Billy Don's mother's schoolteacher, and inspired the naturally-talented youngster to pursue a singing career.

Read more.. and listen to “That’s All Right”


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Welcome back ol' friend, we didn't know 'bout your yoodlin'

We're proud to present Yoodlin'

Dave Stamey

Have fun... click here to watch the video

Sundown Songs is growing and growing!
A new site is under construction, and a great songwriters forum will give you lots of opportunities in the near future. So stay tuned!


It's great meeting you again Delbert!
Listen to and enjoy "When Rita Leaves"


Bob Dylan - Thunder on the mountain Bob Dylan Bob Dylan - When the deal goes down

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