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dutch troubadour, songs made by Jan Mateboer
Sundownsongs is pleased to announce Good News

After a busy year of recording The Dutch Troubadour Gerard Buisman has a new album titled “City Of Stones” coming out in due time.

Lyricist Jan Mateboer who wrote 14 songs for “City Of Stones” says, “It was a real pleasure working with “The Dutch Troubadour” and also real fun to create this brand new album”. We’ll keep you informed.


Something Special..!
Jim Cook and the Taylormacs
Hi Folks, Taylor B. McKinnon is the name
May I ask you a question???
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and Barroom Love

Hi Kelly!
So nice to see you at SunDownSongs

Across the Rocky Mountain region Kelly Aspen is well known for her angelic voice, intense songwriting and unique style. Kelly's trademark voice has an innocent yet sensual sound, dynamic range, character, and richness. Kelly's outgoing spirit and obvious passion have gained her the reputation as being "Colorado's Country Sweetheart".

Listen to her beautiful song Someone to Love

"Two Tons of Steel", welcome at SunDownSongs

Texas band Two Tons of Steel might be described as equal parts Elvis Presley and Elvis Costello, with a liberal dose of Buddy Holly and a dollop of The Ramones. It’s a one-of-a-kind sound that bandleader and frontman Kevin Geil likes to call “countrybilly.”

Read more... listen to.. and view the video "Your Kiss" .


written by ©Matt Dorman and performed by Cheryl K Warner

a very romantic song that makes you feel a personal longing of the heart, written by Matt Dorman in 2002. Ironically, the idea for “Dreams” came to Dorman in a real dream. “The song wrote itself when I woke up,” says Dorman. “What gets me is every time I hear it, I get a haunting feeling that it means something more than I can grasp.”

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Roxy (Netherlands) is a singer with many talents. Next to singing she is also a textwriter and performs as choreographer. She already shared the stage with wellknown artists like The Bellamy Brothers...

listen to "Me and Bobby McGee"

" I'LL Be Her Outlaw For The Night "
written by Jan Mateboer

Producer Gerry Peters of Nashville gave this song an innovaitive approach to Country Rock.

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M a r t h i a
She's beautiful, smart and she can sing
"Yeah... she can sing"
“Marthia has a glittering resume that combines equally impressive career achievements and educational expertise. This one time opera singer who’s roles have included spots on Sex and the City, Two Weeks notice, many major cable networks, modeling, as well as CMT’s “Popularity Contest” is a well rounded and seasoned performer,” Nashville City Paper.
Want to hear her voice?
Listen to Dirty Little Secret and listen to Picture perfect Girl !

BIG in Iowa
All the members of Big In Iowa have at least one thing in common. They were all raised in Hamilton, Ohio. A small manufacturing town surrounded by farm fields, about equal distance between the cities of Dayton and Cincinnati.

Suffering of a headache? This one will cure you!
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You want a raise???....Call Anne

I'm an activist, organizer, songwriter, folksinger, troublemaker and hellraiser from Pittsburgh, PA. I graduated from high school in 1968 and worked for a year to save up enough money to buy the beautiful Martin D-28 guitar that I still play.

Interested in a raise? Read more , and listen to her songs...

How you're doin', Hans?

We've already had an American in Paris, but a Dutchman in Vienna? And one who has dedicated himself, body and soul, to American blues and roots music? Okay, Hans Theessink (pronounced Tay-sink) did not pick the easiest way to do this, but he has done so with a certain degree of single-mindedness.

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Vintage Martin Guitars and Ukes
Most Martin guitars made are "flat top" models. That is, they have a round sound hole
in approximately the center of the flat top of the guitar, with a "pin" style bridge.

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The Crevulators

Get ready to party - country style!
With a witty sense of humor, fun drinking songs and a rowdy horn section, the Grevulators are taking over Brooklyn's country music scene.

Listen to TRYIN'

Annie Sims, nice to see you!

Annie Sims has been singing in public since the age of three, when she would entertain her relatives at summer family reunions in the foothills of East Tennessee.
She remembers how her singing would make the little old ladies cry, and her heartfelt songs still move her audiences to tears today.

Read more, and listen to Dear Heartache ..

written by Keith Totton and Jan Mateboer

"The Song That Wouldn't Die"

Blue Highway callin' mile after mile, day after day
Your picture on the dashboard of my old chevrolet

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"Nashville City Lights"
written by Nancy Bauer

Listen to Nashville City Lights and read the lyrics..

Good songwriters use songcraft to give their songs emotional impact and make them memorable., if you have emotions but no craft, people will not understand you, if you have craft but no emotions people will not care.
Not sure about yourself?, I’m here to help, mail me and let’s talk.

You've got the "JINGLE" in your

"JEANS" ????

Dave Stamey
The Californian Cowboy

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Nice meetin' you Bocephus

Hank Williams Jr . is a man full of energy and raw power. He sings about the way life is and the way life ought to be. He is opinionated, passionate and proud, independent and irreverent. He writes the kind of songs that cut to the quick of our most basic human emotions. And his music pulls the trigger in every heart that longs to be free and uncensored, no matter what the neighbors might think.

Listen to... That's How They Do It In Dixie and view the video

Love Chat

“Love Chat” written by Jan Mateboer, Performed by Juli Maners and recorded at the Midi Maxi Studios in Nashville by Gerry Peters. A nowadays song, refelecting our modern way of life with reference to unanswered love on the internet.
Juli did an outstanding job on this song.

Click here to hear her great voice.

City of Stones

Gerard Buisman "The Dutch Troubadour" is going to record one of Jan Mateboer's songs called "City of Stones", which will appear on Gerard's newest CD within a couple of months.
You may also listen to the country song
Blue-Eyed Girl, also written by Jan Mateboer.


Matt Dorman’s song “JUST ONE DANCE” is going to be included on the new cd by upcoming artist Scott Davis. The cd is still untitled, and the deal is in the beginning stages, so it will be a while before the cd is out. CONGRATULATIONS MATT.

Listen to this beautiful song "Just One Dance"

Click on the image below and see the video clips of Willie Nelson, Chris Ledoux and Johnny Cash

Dave Stamey

We like your music
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Montana Summers