The Dutch Troubadour

Behind the Dutch dykes The Dutch Troubadour is well known for his deep brown and smokey voice, his outgoing spirit and obvious passion have gained him the reputation as being the Dutch Troubadour number one.
We like this song very much, which was produced by Gerry Peters of Nashville.
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Listen here to “Pair Of Deuces” written by Jan Mateboer

Maria Weir Werth
Maria’s friend, Bo Russel, wrote this beautiful song and he asked

her to sing it since it was all about her experience with a painful divorce.
“Sing a song of blues love”
You should be kissed Maria — several times, and by
someone who knows how!

Got The Blues? Listen
here to “ Lady’s Learned The Blues


The Lyric Man

Howdy Folks, They call me the lyric man , please to meet Y'all!
There aint much to say bout me cept im 70 years old, got all broke up in 1963, had 3 wife's & 13 operations & there aint much left of me now!

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We're proud to present
Caitlin Nicole Eadie
yeah it's true....15 years young
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" I'LL Be Her Outlaw For The Night "
written by Jan Mateboer

Producer Gerry Peters of Nashville gave this song an innovaitive approach to Country Rock.

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"The Calling"performed by Pauline Alexander Wanna know more 'bout Pauline?,
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Jonathan Rowland Member of the British Academy of Composers & Songwriters

Dutchman tumbles into Nashville
Jan Mateboer's song "Rainbow Sue" waspicked up by several Nashville country radiostations, Jan who lives in the Netherlands wassurprised and couldn't explain how "Sue"performed by Leslie Craig made it to Nashville.Anyway.
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TV-interview with The Dutch Troubadour after
performing "City Of Stones"
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In part 1, I talked about Country radio, and Dean Dillon's view of it.
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written by
TJ Way and Erin Simms and performed by Shelly Ran
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Nancy Chancey
is a developing singer/songwriter getting ready to release
her first CD entitled
“Where We Never Grow Old”.
Nancy is an eclectic songwriter and singer
here and enjoy “Talk Of The Town”

Country/Folk From Russia
Performed by  BERING STRAIT

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Pat Hatherly
doesn't always write in one genre, and she tries to write songs
so that a male or a female vocal will work. Some are gender specific, but only a few.
Pat is still pluggin’ and still lovin’ it

Listen to Springbank Roadto hear her great voice

Guten Tag Hermann
Let's all listen to your new born baby
"Kleenex Teardrop Tissue"
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"Peace for Christmas"
© by Paulette Miechle
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Hey Lori.., where are you?, the only thing we know, you're in the United Kingdom, are you hidin' somewhere?, we don't think so, can't be with your beautiful music., let's share your song with all our members and a suggestion for the title of your next song "Don't You Hide Nomore"
Listen to "How I Feel Today"

Songwriting can take your soul and your heart and can keep you awake, before you know it’s gone and you don’t know how to get it back.
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The Story Behind
“The Invisible Man”
© D.Erik/M.Fields

David Erik, the creator of , is firstly a songwriter. A few years back, after a “disagreement” with a girlfriend, he realized he was being officially ignored. Even her dog was growling at him...
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"Bad News"
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written by Jan Mateboer and performed by Gerard Buisman "The Dutch Troubadour"
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Hermann Lammers Meyer
A Great Voice from Germany

You may think the best country music talents are in North America, but think again and listen to this “Top German Country Singer”
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Click here... and listen to “1961- A Love Song”


The Tennessee Rounders

For the last three years The Rounders have yanked up any man, woman, or child who thought the days of honest, raw American country music was dead and buried. These Chattanooga, TN. boys knocked out 150 shows last year and are on their way to building one of the fastest growing fan bases that has ever been lied about in a band bio. Rich harmonies, solid songwriting, and raw showmanship has led them to share the stage with such acts as Charlie Daniels, David Allan Coe, Billy Joe Shaver, Dale Watson, Robert Earl Keen, Pat Green, and Dickie Betts just to name a few.
Listen to Alabama Woman and Pabst Blue Ribbon


Hi, Gary Cooper!

In 1986 Gary Cooper releases his first single "The Movin' Kind"/"Heavy Burden" (Eternal Love Records).

Listen to Troubles !


"Midnight to Cinderella"
© by Paulette Miechle

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  Marie Willson! - Does she sing country?? Oh yeah she does!
Chill Out
(written by Pamela Royal)
Listen to the song - and click here and read the lyrics one of our members wrote for Marie

It's so nice to see you..... Billy Joe!

Read more, view the video, and listen to "There's No Fool Like An Old Fool"

Last of the Breed: Willie Nelson

Last of the Breed
Merle Haggard
Willy Nelson
Ray Price

Last of the Breed: Merle Haggard

Listen to the songs

Lost Highway
Heartaches By The ..
I Love You A Thousand ..