General labels 1

General labels 1

111 Entertainment L.L.C: Detroit-based independent record label and music publisher. Committed to the development and positioning of new artists within the entertainment industry. Home of “Urban Soul,” music that makes you feel good inside. Music that you’ll remember, when you look back on the special times in your life. 111 produces R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Alternative and Contemporary Gospel art

4Chronic the ForTy oNe DucE homepage . Home of the hottest, realest and the hardest MC's to come out the 'burgh.

A.D. Music Online:was founded in 1989 by David Wright as a vehicle for his solo music and merged with Robert Fox’s FX Music soon afterwards. The labels philosophy has always been to follow its own path, not current trends; building on rather than emulating the current and historical electronica. The label now covers many forms of electronic music, including melodic chill out, classic electronica, space music and even trance.

Alcatraz Production: a label specializing in noisy and other subculture artists. They accept unsolicited demos

A.L.I.A.S.:the man with many names, many faces... imagine the flow of Jay-Z, the swagger of Snoop, the ladies appeal of LL Cool J, the coolness of Rakim & the introspection of Nas all in one and you've got A.L.I.A.S. Originality, lyrics, & charisma reppin' the east, west & dirty south!<

Alternate Records: has been described as eclectic, independent and underground. This label has only two objectives; quality and originality

Antapex Records: progressive trance and technolabel

Araunah Music: is a label specialized in Contemporary Christian and Gospel Music. Our goal is to provide the best music from the best Christian independant artists. Feel free to browse our site, listen to some samples and order the products you like.

Astral Records: development label specifically designed for positioning new and unsigned artists with film and television placement opportunities. Promotes all genres and styles. 22-year track record in leveraging quality music and artists to a worldwide music, film and television content platform

Aternus Records: contributes to the music industry by preserving the roots of real music and support talented and extraordinary musical projects

Atmospherex: a record label located in Brooklyn, New York, that produces trance DVDs. They are actively searching for visuals by VJs and motion graphic designers for future titles. Submit your demo-reel or trance music tracks to them for review

Avita Records
: located in Lacey, Washington

Bailey Records: an independently owned and operated recording label dedicated to serving uniquely gifted and talented Christian artists

Beezwax: brass · jazz · blues

Behavior Music Inc.
: an independent record label that's dedicated to assisting artists in all areas of the music and entertainment industry. Our artist successes include, licensing music for major motion pictures, international radio play, and videos airing on Much Music (MTV Canada)

BenT Music: independent label, on-line store, and music resource dedicated to helping independent musicians get there music out to the public, while keeping as much of the control and capital in the musicians hands as possible

BIE Records
: an independent record label located in Allentown, PA, offering promotion and distribution to a select group of artists

Bitsound Records: an underground music label for techno, trance, house, acid and electronic dance music; and the home of the fabulous artists Casper Houser, Fred Phage, Vivid Stereo and Angry Young Men

Black House Entertainment: is a full service entertainment company record label. We provide support and direction to various artist as well as production, cd and dvd duplication, and putting together quality demos for shopping purposes.

Blade of Grass Records
: Home of Tugboat Country and Big Pants.

Break of Day Records: Contact: 34414 NE 101st AveLa Center, WA 98629 -- Thank you, for sending your demos. We have and will listen to all of the demos, however we are sorry that we don't have enough time to get back to everyone.

Buckyball Music: home of synergetic fusion, and some of the hottest jazz alternative recordings available on an indie label

BullseyeCanada: prides itself in being a label run by musicians, providing an artistic and business balance that helps it's artists and their work see the light of day

Bushami Arts / 4 Houndsound
: a family of bands and musicians dedicated to the creation, and promotion of independent music

CaSaNoVa ReCoRdS: a premier independent record label in the Washington D.C. area that's positioned to give you today's hottest urban track

Catawba Records: an affordable record label for all genres! They don't just call themselves independent and then set up your contract to get a big label's share of your profits

Channel Eau Communications: an independent, artist owned and operated music CD label based in Victoria, B.C., Canada; offering music that is best described as new age / ambient / space / world / electronic / experimental and/or techno

Clear Blue Records: California indie label specializing in hip-hop with a Southern flavor (Purty South hip-hop), electronica, and more

Clou Records: main artist is Murat Ses, a keyboard player and composer with strong eurasian electronic elements. A growing number of newer artists such as Nereid's Dance and Vulture Corp are attracting audiences worldwide

Conquer Records: a small, independent metal & hardcore record label featuring up and coming bands in the Southern New Hampshire / Northern Massachusetts area. Also looking for acts around the globe

Creative Records, Inc: is a record label and music publisher founded in 2001 to develop and promote new artists in any style of music. We have a variety of writers, producers, musicians, and engineers available for songwriting, recording, and mastering. We also have graphic artists, marketing, and public relations people for CD packaging, distribution, and promotion.

Cruise International Records
: brings new and old forms of music with fresh ideas to those who have not come in contact with music on a more serious level

December's Ghost Records: specializing in Doom, Gothic, and Black metal. First release: "It Will Come" next release: "Grim Cathedral"

Delta Tone 40 Records & Publishing: the home of intense, romantic, modern rock

Different Lands: vertical portal devoted to world fusion music and visual arts. One of the most important online and offline reference points

Dimension Records: specializes in the management, recording, recording distribution and representation of all types of musical artists a small, mobile and independent music company with a global view – serving music areas outside of the mainstream

The Diskery: an on-line sales and distribution catalogue that features artists from around the world. It is small now but is rapidly growing

Dorje Music: Rising Sun: Dorje's brand new 15 song album, Live Digitalism: Dorje's live electronic show, m-Qube Ringtone/Mobile media production

Down Time Productions: an independent record label specializing in all forms of Electronic Music and Down Time Studios: the creative center of Down Time Productions and professional 24 track digital studio available for voice overs, DJ mixes, independent artist and band demos, and audio post.

D-Town Records: is a full service record label Company, specializing in entertainment. We pride ourselves in grooming and cultivating artists and our primary mission is helping that artist perfect their craft.

EarthStar Recordings
: a "new star" in the galaxy of independent artist-owned record labels, distributing and/or representing twelve albums and seven artists/groups in the categories of acoustical/instrumental, jazz, world, classical, holiday, new age and modern romantic

Eden Dust Studio Labs
: the anchor of all EdenDust musical productions and home to it's multi-genre artists; Recording and Audio Production Division ::: On site studio lab that produces music for Film and Spoken Word projects as well as for the Artists of EdenDust Records. This facility is also for-hire and can be used by producers not necessarily associated with EdenDust Records;

Electrofine Music
: an independent record label that publishes electronic, new age and progressive styles of music. The intent of EM is to produce music that harmonizes mind and body in a way that positively stimulates imagination and emotion

Emanon Records: no ordinary indie label. Their goal is simple: generate the ultimate results

Espada Rolling Records: we are an independent music video and Record Label for unsigned bands with online cd and DVD sales.

Fandango Records: is an independent, Washington, D.C.-based, rock-n-roll record label.

Five Firs Music: had its humble beginnings as a recording studio. It has expanded to include the production and sale of original CD recordings through all major online retailers

Foxy Productions: produces "Contemporary & Future Jazz", soundtracks, music for film and TV and for your personal headspace. Brief "category" descriptions are provided as a very basic guide, but you'll find Prog-Rock and Fusion amongst the Jazz-Rock, Jazz-Jungle and sonic landscapes of the generic title.

Frog & Scorpion Records: there is a world of deserving talent out there waiting to be heard; and Frog & Scorpion is dedicated to the development of this new exciting musical talent for the serious listener

Future Skully Record Label: an industrial, ambient, electronic, experimental label that's building long term relationships by working on their artists' development

Fuzzpop Records: specializing in instrumental surf music and tuneful guitar pop, their aim is to keep alive the spirit of authentic 60s surf music and sugar-sweet guitar pop by releasing music from the hundreds of bands around the world that still produce this great music

Galgano Music: specializing in major retail chain placement for indie bands since the 1940s

Git Wit It Records
: located in Missouri City Texas, an independent label whose genre is rap/hip hop, with an R&B flavor. Check out their star artist is TREVON; the 16 year old producer, songwriter, and performer

Gigafone Records: a new kind of record label, centered around a quarterly CD jounal called "The Record," featuring living music in its natural environment. The seek out original acoustic music in acoustic settings, record live on location, compile the best performances, and deliver it to their subscribers' doorsteps four times a year

Go-Kustom Rekords: home of d.A. Sebasstian, Kill Switch...Klick, OmBili Troupe and various wacked out compilations

GutterLand Records: rap/hip-hop label from Florida, featuring a full roster of artists. All self-produced/engineered/run by artists themselves

Halogen Records: "There are no limits." They offer distribution, radio promotion, manufacturing, promotion and advertising

Hangout Recordings: get signed today by Hangout Recordings!

Homo Ecumenicus: publishes, records and manages the creative work (text, audio, audiovisual) of intellectuals and visionaries who have something different to say; and addresses an intelligent international audience. Submitted music is considered on the basis of intelligent, revolutionary lyrics and compositional originality

Hot Coffee Music: promotes of Leon Harp, composer, arranger, and pianist of easy listening music for piano and orchestra. Additionally, links to other musicians' sites are provided as well

Hush Hush Records: founded in 1999 by the CEO and Executive Producer Benjamin Davis, a.k.a. "B Smooth." Hush Hush Records / Hush Hush Managment is a Production, Management and Entertainment company who is always looking for new talent

IGE Records: an indie label that's an archive and gateway for the industry to discover new artists

The Infinite Sector: a non-profit collective and label, dedicated to sharing and promoting experimental music. Features musicians, bands, and artists from all corners of the globe


Intellectually Alternative Recording: a small independent record label and a state of mind, where the love of music and the engineering is an art unto itself

JEP! Records: combines songwriting and production skills to a growing base of emerging talent in the Caribbean, UK and North America

Jimmy Mac Music: gospel music and links to christian resources. Currently searching for a group or individual to record from among the songs on their Web site

The Kitefishing Family: a community of artists. Dedicated to the promotion of eclectic independent art

Kismana Music: supporting Australian songwriters and independent artists by hosting MP3 samples and CD releases

Kranzke Records: get signed at this online record label; and download MP3s from their growing collection

Lance Records: home of "The Lance Monthly," The Knights, and other relevant 60s surf and garage band information

Last Call Records
: independent French record label featuring such artists as Alex Chilton, The Saints, Screaming Jay Hawkins and others

Leviathan Records: specializing in heavy metal and guitar rock

Lion Music: a progressive metal and classic hard rock label

Little Dog Records: a label owned by veteran player (Dwight Yoakam) and producer (Michelle Shocked, et al) Pete Anderson. Featuring a select group of artists.

LOL Records: formed when the forces of Pine Records, and Sowa Productions decided to come together and establish an outlet to release music that is largely overlooked by the commercial recording and production companies. An artist's label

Lolo Records: A miasma of microtonal rock, burning fusion, and post-pubescent pop staining the fabric of mass culture

Malus Records: independent record label in Las Vegas, NV. Online music store, The Indie Conspiracy

Red Night Records: an independent record label based in central Florida that works to develop new artists within the following genres: rock, alternative, electronic, and dance.

Mantis Entertainment: the best music independent record labels have to offer, featuring "Time is up" by Deadline

Martian Music: features jazz, smooth jazz, and contemporary pop; including the jazzy and smooth music of Kelvin Roy. Lovers of that timeless quality music can imbue with marvel at the brilliant arrangements, compositional depth, and sonic beauty

Meta4ever Musik: Finally, an independent record label with quality music! Based in Atlanta, Meta4ever Musik, Inc. is more than just a new independent record label.

Mi5 Recordings: independent record label based in South Manchester, UK. Division of Mi5 Recordings of New York, US. Artist friendly diverse roster, which includes Jesus Jones and Blue Mocking Birds. Independent artist promotion and creative services

Milo Records: an independent label based in Poland, specializing in CDs of non-commercial World-Beat, Jazz and Ethnic music artists

Moore Entertainment Group: a Hip Hop and R&B indie label and production company and recording studio based in Washington DC. M.E.G is indie artist friendly and provides production, recording and Web design services

MoRisen Records: check out the band roster, latest releases and more from this indie label from Charlotte, NC

MeteorCity: the World's best rock

Nashville Records: a full-service company dedicated to talented artists and songwriters looking to break into the music industry or just get published for their own fulfillment in a select market

Nine 12 Records: is on a quest to change the face of music- One artist at a time. We work with each artist/ band individually to promote and create a sound and product that maintains it's artistic creativity and sound.

Nobel Records: home of Morten Fjoess recording (Jazzmaster) and the production facility for several musical projects

No Cover Productions: an independent record label bringing Detroit Blues to the world by recording all styles of blues - from traditional Delta & Chicago Styles to the current rocking blues sound

Not Common Records and Promotions: handles booking, promotion and distribution for bands that are part of the Massachusetts rock scene

Note Records: promotes original music from professional musicians who are generally sidemen or session men with major bands, who would not normally get to record their music. Always looking for new artists. Genres - blues, jazz, powerpop, R&B and soul

Nubzilla Records: host to artists Sheila Kirsten Hughes and Carie Pigeon, as well as Nubzilla's special project "Nubzilla's Cafe" where the coffee may be virtual but the art is very real. Studio and showcase for the vast resources of undiscovered, original talent and artistry all over the world. "Indulge in the arts!"

Orange Entropy Records: underground music catalogue for people who like unheard music

OtherWorld Distractions: music, art, facts, opinions, advice

Pandaimonium Records: was formed in late summer 1998 with the intention to create a platform for new and exciting bands of the - more or less - darker music genre

PEG Records: you are not alone with PEG Records, who guarantees to spin the music and listen with a musicians ear and an open mind
: bringing you the best in funny, acoustic, and variety music

Praxis Recordings: an artist management/development company with major label ties and offices in Nashville, TN. Chief among their successes: they helped the Georgia Satellites achieve worldwide success with the smash hit "Keep Your Hands To Yourself"

Proximity Records
: is dedicated to the best in underground progressive rock, melodic rock, heavy rock, symphonic rock and indie rock; and features the music of Elegant Simplicity and Bjorn Lynne

Prophet Records: promotes unique and imaginative creations with innovative rhythms that have found their place in the highly competitive market of independent music

Rasa Records: an independent label based in Vancouver, Canada, that produces, records, and distributes most electronic music genres. Now in their 2nd year of productions and recruiting new talent for future albums and compilations

Red Horse Records
: located in Nashville, they work with all types of music including country, Tex-Mex/Latin, pop, gospel and christian. Their site also has an online music store

Reel2Reel Records: multitrack recording and production, CD duplication, graphic and Web design. Supports local talent

Reptor Productions
: their music philosophy is simple - to help you sell more CD's, increase your fanbase and help you make more money in the music industry. Works with bands, musicians and songwriters of all genres

Ru-eL Entertainment: industry news, and the latest on this label's hot R&B, hip/hop, pop, & urban music stars like En Good Taste, Altered Ego & Bryant Jr.

Saguaro Records: a independent label run in Flitwick, England.
A wide range of eclectic artists from alternative rock to alternative country

Screaming Tongues Music: understands that a songwriter deserves to maintain the majority of their own publishing; and is able to offer their artists a professional outlet for Film/TV soundtrack placement, and can place songs with chart-topping performers

Shroom Productions: a record company and indie distributor located in Houston, TX, focusing on progressive and psychedelic music

Shut Eye Records: based in Atlanta, GA, they are an independent, artist-operated label that is focused on the college radio set. They have released music from over 200 bands/artists from all over the world, including pop, roots-rock, acoustic, emo, electronica and many more styles

Silk Brocade - Acoustic Guitar Impressionism CD Sable Mountain Records: unique, innovative and original new age music acoustic guitar music CD, 'Truly Beautiful'.. 'A Gift From The Heart' , Listen Online!

Skygazer Records: download free downloadable music from their many talented & dedicated musicians of various genres

So Fine Music
: music publisher representing songwriters, recording artists and actors in R&B, pop, hip-hop. Acts include Cherie Amor, Ricky J., Latina, N2U, Ricky Blues, Crystal Angel and The Future

Sovereign Music: dedicated to promoting independent music to independent thinkers; and is the home of Sugar Jones, whose latest album features George Porter Jr., legendary bassist of The Meters a second-generation Internet company that provides a turnkey Web solution for independent record labels that incorporates e-commerce, database management, promotion and marketing, as well as business-to-business solutions designed to increase productivity, communication and coordination between record labels and their vendors

Stardust Country Music: a major country music record label

Storm Dog Records: offers unsigned acts a venue for selling their music with links to bands' Web sites, and information on Abbey Goad Studio

Sweet Pickle Music: an independent record label and music publishing company located in Chicago, IL

Talitres records: independent record label from Bordeaux France that features Elk City, The Birdwatcher and Brando. They distribute in France and other european countries such as Italy, the Benelux, Switzerland and Portugal

Testing Ground: a new concept of music and art

Third Monk Records: can provide direction with regard to songwriting, production, engineering and mixing as well as coordinate music projects for signed or unsigned artists. Third Monk doesn't offer record deals, but can help realize and solidify the impact of what an artist or band has the ability to do

Traveler Records
: a growing indie label with country, western, bluegrass, gospel, pop, jazz, blues and R&B artists

Tricopolis Records: founded in 1998, it's dedicated to promoting quality America's West Coast bluegrass and acoustic music

Turtle Pond Music: recording and publishing the finest in gospel, country and R&B music. Other services include demo recording and artist management

Twin Dragon Records: we are located in the state of Arizona. The label promotes and distributes for female fronted bands, whether it's an all girl band or a female fronted band, we look for a band with a presence and a solid following.

Twisted Oak Records: founded on the principle of recording artists and instruments as honestly as possible, while relying on the music's ability to move the listener -- without getting lost in the mix. They focus on the acoustical environment created by solo artists or ensembles; and are proud of their releases with TJ Evans and Brian Kelly

Underwater Music: an independet record label promoting electronic music, ambient, techno, trance and post-rock

Van Richter Records: your aggro-industrial label. Their mission is to develop the careers of the leading artists in the Industrial music genre. Their top priority continues to be "quality not quantity" in their releases

Wampus Records: the careening artistic collective representing emerging indie artists. It produces and markets CDs with a firm commitment to wreaking aesthetic havoc whenever possible

Wild Oats Records: Nashville's renegade record label and music production company, specializing in American roots music such as country, Americana, blues, rockabilly, etc. Artists include Steve Haggard, Gail & The Tricksters, Pat DiNizio, and Teddy Glenn

XClusive Records: controls a vast catalog of masters and publishing rights -- available for licensing in motion pictures, television, commercials, background music, sampling and compilations. Info on their recording studio and rates at their Web site

X-Static Records: represents a much needed business model in today's music industry... one that actually develops artists! Many independent labels are looking for that "out-of-the-box" superstar and have the mind-set that "stars are born, not made".