10 important Tricks For Improving Your Creativity

For those who have wondered how the great songwriters of our time keep the ideas coming, this article outlines some of the songwriting tips and tricks the pros use to keep an inexhaustible supply of great ideas and inspiration coming.
Have you ever wondered how the great songwriters of our time keep the ideas coming? They seem to have an inexhaustible supply of great ideas that we connect with again and again. How do they do that? They must have gathered a good store of songwriting tips somewhere along the way, that's for sure.

The best songwriters usually achieve their fluency by writing about everyday topics such as love, using a different angle each time. In this way, their audience remains interested and entertained by having an old and familiar subject treated in a new and interesting way.

It would be interesting to know exactly how songwriters achieve this. What particular techniques and practices do these songwriters use to keep their material fresh and their creative output prolific? Although each songwriter is different, there are a number of songwriting tips which can help to nurture and develop the creative juices. Try some of these:

1) Practice writing music on the fly. Improvise melodies while alternating between two chords of accompaniment. Use the left hand to alternate between two chords, and the right hand to improvise melodies.

2) Think in multiple lines of instrumentation. When music is going through your head, try to stretch your composition ability by thinking in multiple lines of music. This is not easy, but the more lines of instrumentation you can hold in your mind, the better you will be able to compose.

3) Practice singing harmony. As a songwriter, one of the best skills that you can develop is to sing harmony on the fly. By singing harmony on the fly you are really "composing".

4) Listen to lots of different music. Listening to other writers' music can give creativity a real jump start. The subconscious can pick up riffs, nuances and tone which can help a writer to write much more fluently.

5) Get inspiration from everywhere. Many writers have been inspired by great works of fiction or art. (remember Mona Lisa and Wuthering Heights?). Another source of inspiration for starting songs can be the titles used in magazine articles, which are often short and snappy.

6) Don't censor yourself. If you have a strange or unusual idea for a song, use it and keep going with the song. You can change it later if you still don't like it.

7) Use poetry. Challenging yourself to produce poems can really help with writing lyrics for your songs. Take existing poems or bible verses and write melodies for them. Tuning in to others' imagination through reading can also assist with imagination and so improve lyric writing ability.

8) Keep a digital recorder with you at all times. It's impossible to predict when inspiration will strike, or a new melody might come to you.

9) Make time to jam with other musicians. Getting songs ready for a jam session can help creativity and song fluency.

10) Find your supporters. Writing music is very personal and difficult to produce without positive feedback. Having friends who really enjoy your music and provide encouragement helps to keep you motivated and inspired.

It is so easy to discount a popular and easily understood song as "not creatively sound". Nothing could be further from the truth. Music and lyrics are a very subjective thing, and everyone is different. Your least favorite song could be somebody else's all time favorite.

The moral of this whole story is, don't ever suppress your artistic and creative instinct. Perhaps some of the
songwriting tips you are reading today could just make the difference. And never forget that there are people out there waiting to hear your songs!