Jan Mateboer: Love Chat

Jan Mateboer

Love Chat....
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© 2005 Jan L. Mateboer

(Verse 1)
Typing my letters my words are gone
The digital highway makes me feel alone
So many words I’ve sent to you today
Isn’t there anything you have to say

Love chat travels fast too fast for me
Only empty words came back from you now I see
Please don’t fool around with me no more
So find someone else to bore

(Verse 2)
Love words are travelling from my screen
Not a single lovin’ word from you I’ve seen
I send my passion to a digital face
My love for you seemed to be lost in space

(Repeat Chorus’

The beauty of this electronic love I doubt
Nothing left for me to chat about
You were so close by but yet so faraway
Tomorrow I’ll be gone wont wait for a future day

(Repeat Chorus and fade)