Martin guitar

A martin guitar a great guitar
Martin the oldest surviving acoustic guitar maker in the world

Martin guitar.
Known worldwide as one of the finest acoustic guitars ever made. Martin guitars take more than three months and over 200 separate operations to manufacture.
At the core of the Martin Guitar Company lies over a century and a half of evolution and refinement in the art of guitar manufacturing.
Martin has consistently created guitars of unparalleled quality and fine workmanship.

Martin guitar.
Many common features taken for granted on today's guitars were first introduced by the Martin Guitar Co.
In the mid 1850's C.F.Martin developed the "X" bracing pattern that is the standard for almost all steel-string acoustic guitars made.
In 1916 Martin introduced the first Dreadnought-sized guitar.
Today the Martin Dreadnought is the most copied acoustic guitar in the whole world.

Martin Guitar overvieuw

The 1930s are known as the Great Depression, a time of great economic hardship. Ironically, this same period is also known as the Golden Era of Martin guitars.
The innovations developed by Martin in this decade make them among the most desirable guitars ever made.

Bob Dylan plays a Martin guitar model oo-21

The Martin guitar Bob Dylan used for the New York sessions
“Blood On the Tracks” in September 1974 was most likely the same
martin guitar he had used for the Chilean Benefit, or at least the same model, the Martin 00-21.