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as many is you want, cause I'm not giving up!

written by Matt Dorman on May, 16, 2011, 12:31 AM. Comments: 5

Hi everyone. I have some great news. It pays to never give up on your songwriting. But then, you knew that, right? Right? Of course you did!

What else are you going to do with all those songs you spent so much time writing (or not!) and want the world to hear? Pitch them!

Problem is, you've probably heard "No, thanks" a hundred gazillion times! Been there, still doing that...

But, one day, if you never give up, you might find success, even if in a small measure, that gives you hope and keeps you working hard to be a successful songwriter.

I'm here to tell you that happens.

I've been writing songs for most of my life. Some success, yes. A number one song for 6 weeks. A title cut. Over 60 songs published. 8 songs charted on the radio. Songs on 13 cd's. Seems like alot, but really, it's not enough. I'm still hungry. I've always wanted to reach the "top", wherever that is!

I wrote a song a decade ago called "Fear On Fear". It was passed, and passed and passed and, well, you know... Then I finally found a publisher to take it on a 3 year reversion single-song contract. That expired and I was asked to re-sign the song. They loved it and felt it had a home it needed to find.

Fast forward to a month ago, when that publisher emails me to let me know the song will be in a movie. a movie? My song? The one nobody liked? That one? Wow!!!!! Hooray!!!

That movie barely missed Cannes, but will be pitched at all festivals. It stars Cameron Bright, who starred in alot of great movies, including the "Twilight" series. The movie is called "Little Glory". Kind of a good name for a movie. I can call my song that, too. A little bit of glory for the hard work and never giving up!

Here's the website for the movie:

and here's the website for the song (you'll have to search the song page for "Fear On Fear".)

The message here is clear: NEVER GIVE UP!!!! You have a song you wrote decades ago, or weeks ago, or today that can change your life! Don't sell it short! Pitch, Pitch, Pitch!

Yeah, the movie hasn't been released, but maybe, just maybe, someday it will. Worldwide. The world can hear my song!

Now, take all of the aforementioned information, and substitute my song name for yours. My accomplishments for yours, now or someday. You can do it!

And, as it turns out, as far as where I am to how successful I want to be is like comparing a grain of sand to the world's beaches. I have a LONG way to go!

But, I'll never give up! So, go ahead; tell me no. I dare you.


Gennai wrote on July, 18, 2011, 03:49 PM

YooooooHooooo! Congrats! Great songs! Keep up the good work!

Robin Sue Marchand wrote on August, 18, 2011, 01:20 AM

Follow your dreams no matter what, Matt. There will be allot of disappointments, and down, but also there will be allot of pluses like this. Congradulations! You have made it this far. I hope I get to see the movie somewhere and be proud when I say, Hey, I know that guy, we went to school together, he was a really nice guy. I am so happy for him. Cool. heh!

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