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Who do you write songs for?

written by Matt Dorman on April, 26, 2015, 05:21 PM. Comments: 0

The other day someone asked me what I was listening to on my bluetooth. I told them I was listening to Matt Dorman songs. I listen to them 99% of the time. Why, he asked. This is what I told him:
Most songwriters write for themselves first. Even staff writers have some of themselves in each song they write in that room.
The songs I listen to are about my life. There are happy songs, sad songs, and such. Each one of them was born from inspiration that had its way with me.
It's not about admiring my handy work or anything like that. I don't turn on the porch light many times each night to admire my new truck in the drive way. It's about the song serving its purpose in my life; to bring me a message, to soothe me, to make me stronger, to make me a better person.
If, somehow, my songs have that affect on even one person beyond me, well, that is what true blessings are. The more people that identify with your song, the more the blessings multiply. Those royalty checks make it sweeter, I admit. However, without inspiration, there is no song. Without a song impacting masses, there are no royalties. It all starts with the writer.
Some of my songs remind me to "Never Say Never" or have "One True Friend". Some songs are just fun, like "Granny's Got A Tramp Stamp" or "Mow Your Grass".
Most writers will tell you they listen to their songs. And, since I have over 400 songs, with around 60 of them on MP3, I can put iTunes on shuffle Matt Dorman songs, and enjoy the day. If that is as far as my songs ever got, I would be thankful for having those songs to keep me company.
My newest song, "If You Knew God (Like I Know God)", written with the awesome Denny Mishler, is totally Country/Christian. It has my ideas about life and death and what happens when we die. When the demo is done, it will be added to the rotation of songs on iTunes. And, this song will be a male or female song, so I'll have two versions of it on my player. Bonus!
As a writer, I write for me first. Do you? Please tell me. I'd like to know.
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