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Waiting For A Break

written by Matt Dorman on July, 21, 2008, 08:47 PM. Comments: 3

There are literally millions of songwriters out there waiting for a break, or their next one. I just read a good article in my American Songwriter Magazine, with Dean Dillon. When asked about current country music radio he says,

"I don't turn on the radio. I write songs for a living, and I try to keep it at that. I don't understand why radio plays what it plays, but I can promise you this: the masses out there listening to country radio aren't hearing the top drawer stuff. To me, country music radio's become vanilla, chocolate and strawberry...I don't begrudge anybody makin'a living. Hell, I gotta make one myself. But if I thought that I had to write that to make a living, I can promise you, I'd quit and go do something else. There has to be part of your heart on that peice of paper sometimes."

Dean is spot on. I don't listen to country radio much anymore, either. Yes, it would be great to have that hit, but I'm going to continue to write songs from my heart, demo and pitch them. To me, songwriting is about creativity, and accomplishments can be measured in many ways. Songs are born for many reasons, but the first one is inspiration. Don't ever lose that. Let it flow, in whatever form, but from the heart. Someday, somebody might get what you're doing,

But first and foremost, you get what you're doing, and if you do it for the love of writing songs, you'll never be disappointed.


Matt Dorman

Las Vegas


Linda wrote on September, 10, 2012, 12:45 AM

Great advice, I will😄

Vladimoer wrote on September, 10, 2014, 10:06 PM

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