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Getting rich and famous as a songwriter

written by Matt Dorman on April, 21, 2009, 01:54 PM. Comments: 2

I was thinking this morning about my first royalty check. It's photocopied and posted on my wall in the office. It's for $45.50 U.S. dollars. Yep, now I'm rich and famous! After almost 30 years, 7 charted radio releases, songs on 14 cd's, and a song that was number one on the Roots International Pop/Country charts for 6 consecutive weeks, I'm just $29,000.00 in the hole, well, minus that check.

It seems my songwriting needs a bailout. Maybe I should apply for one! Problem is, I feel rich. I have tons of songs that I've written over the years that have helped me get over heartbreak, the loss of loved ones, and express my love for my mate(s). Songs that have changed my life for the better.

I constantly put my songs on cd's and pass them out to friends, family, and total strangers. Why? because I'm a songwriter. Because it feels good. That's my reward, so far. Yes, I'd like to get rich from having a song on a cd that goes platinum, heck, multi-platinum! Don't we all dream of that? Don't we dream of winning a Grammy for our songs?

I have this weird dream: I write a song, and it's a hit. Then the song gets cut on George Strait's cd. It sells millions of copies, and then I'm at the Grammy's, getting my trophy. Then I wake up. I can't remember one line or note of that song. Man, to have that song back... I should get more sleep.

Thing is, I write mostly for my own enjoyment. Songs hit me and I write them down. I love working on songs, making them better and better with each re-write. I love hearing them when they come back from the demo studio. I love seeing the reaction of my friends when I play the song for them. I love having that song as part of my catalog of songs, to pitch to someone who someday might change my world. I love the hope.

Hope. A small, four-lettered word. Love, another one. What are these words to me and other writers? Wealth. Warmth. Satisfaction.
Wait, did I say "wealth"? Yep. I'm rich beyond any thing money could provide. My songs give me that many times over. I spend my money for songwriting willingly, and will do so until I die.

I may never make it big, yet, I keep writing and spending my hard-earned money on songs. Seems kinda self-defeating. If I were a business, I would close the doors. The sign on the door would say, "out of business, due to the lack of.." Of what? Hope? Love?
Those are things I'll never run out of.

So, my songwriting goes on. I'm rich with the fullness of my soul, with the gladness in my heart, with the completeness of my efforts, with the hope and love songwriting brings. I'm filthy rich, in fact.


Jan wrote on April, 26, 2009, 09:31 PM

Yes Matt, this is where it is all about..
Jan Mateboer

Linda wrote on September, 10, 2012, 01:03 AM

You should be an inspirational speaker!


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