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Track Mixes, the gift that keeps giving

written by Matt Dorman on June, 21, 2009, 07:49 PM. Comments: 0

Hi everyone. Happy Father's Day!

I recently leased the track mix to one of my songs, "Love'll Do That". The girl who leased it is 15 years old. Her name is Kelcy Lee. Kelcy performs at my monthly concerts at a recovery home for women and children in Las Vegas.

Being kind of new to the business, Kelcy wanted a song to help her get known, but didn't have the money for a full-blown studio session. As a songwriter, I can lease my track mixes to whomever I choose, providing they sign a contract with my publisher.

It's a win-win situation for both of us. I get some money, half of the lease fees, and she gets the music to a song without all of the studio expenses. She paid $200.00 U.S. dollars, plus the statutory rate for the first 1000 cd's, in case she decides to release it, which currently is 9.1 cents per song, per cd, or $91.00. So, for $291.00 she got not only the music for the song, but rights to put it on her first 1000 cd's.

She can lease tracks for an entire cd, let's say 12 songs, for $3042.00. If she had gone into the studio and did all of the songs from scratch, those 12 songs would've cost her about $30,000.00, which includes studio rental, musician fees, mastering and all. At a cost of 10 percent of the studio deal, it's a no-brainer.

And, I can lease those tracks to anybody I choose, for as many times as I choose. If I paid $325.00 for the demo, and leased the tracks 3 times, my demo is paid for, and then some. Keep in mind, your demo's have to be radio quality to work on a cd, so get a great demo studio to do your songs.

So, my advice for all songwriters is to get the track mixes from the studio whenever you get a demo done. When you sign your publishing deal, make sure your publisher has in place lease options in writing, as well as your reversion clause, of course. Then you can lease the tracks for extra income.

And, who knows? Maybe Kelcy Lee will turn out to be the next big thing! Maybe she'll get famous and sell a few million copies of her cd's with my song on it! Keep in mind, all stars were non-stars before they made it big. They washed dishes, fixed plumbing, and other jobs while they waited for their big break.

Kelcy wants to be a big star someday. She sings great, and has the right attitude. Her mother is her manager, and pushes her along at a brisk pace. She's won some contests and performs at some big venues already.

I've got my fingers crossed, for both of us.


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